Essential Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Ability to efficiently transition between technologies and programming languages
  • Ability to write clean and efficient code which includes high quality automated test coverage
  • Ability to work in a team environment that is fast-paced and follows Agile development practices
  • Ability to work to commercial deadlines
  • Good communication skills

Experience & Competencies:

  • Extensive experience in design & development of responsive web applications
  • Angular, TypeScript/JavaScript & CSS experience
  • Strong hands-on work experience in Golang (or Go), Node.js, Docker, Kubernetes (can substitute for strong .NET core or Java)
  • Experience of developing Microservices and/or REST APIs
  • Experience in cloud services (Azure / AWS / Google Cloud)
  • Knowledge of agile working methodology
  • Understanding of working in a DevOps model
  • Geospatial experience is advantageous