• We are looking for a very hands-on Software Engineering Lead who enjoys getting the MVP out the door and knows that to take services to scale require developing a complex distributed platform and is concerned with availability, throughput, latency and real-time responsiveness.
  • Candidates must be flexible and excited about working in a fast-paced team environment; exhibit communication and organizational skills; and be willing and able to focus on both internal and external customer service to meet business needs.

Key Activities:

  • Architect a web-based platform including both front and backend services
  • Work with UX designers to develop an amazing end user experience
  • Building the next generation of our public facing web products.
  • Design and develop robust, scalable microservices for RESTful endpoints and data pipelines
  • Develop optimal querying and indexing strategies for large data sets
  • Manage tooling for building and deploying services and containers
  • Identify and address bugs, performance bottlenecks and other issues impacting our customers
  • Make recommendations for new technology, based on emerging industry trends.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent required

Desired Experience/Skills:

  • 8+ years of experience in web services development
  • You have a firm grasp of OOP languages like C#
  • Experience with modern programing languages (golang, python, Javascript (Angular)
  • You’ve worked with countless JavaScript libraries such as Angular, Redux, D3, Babel, Webpack.
  • Experience building service-oriented architectures (REST APIs and microservices)
  • Experience with database technologies for storing time series data like TimeScaleDB, MongoDB, etc.
  • Experience working with cloud based, distributed architectures, AWS is a plus
  • Experience working with Docker containers and Kubernetes
  • Must be proactive about gathering requirements, content, and feedback from stakeholders
  • Experience with test automation experience with high standards for code quality
  • Take ownership in delivering high quality results within tight deadline