As a Fuel Cell Mechanical Engineer, you will:

  • Support Johnson Space Center's activities space exploration programs utilizing fuel cells for primary lander/spacecraft power source and other applications.
  • Work in a team environment to analyze requirements from partners and assist in developing fuel cell system design solutions.
  • Design, develop, test, handle implementation, and analysis of technical products and systems.
  • Develop required system documentation such as procedures and hazard analyses.
  • Maintain the high level of technical excellence for all tasks to ensure the highest quality of technical products including test setups, test operations, development setups, development operations, documentation generation, execution and close out.
  • Perform engineering design evaluations.
  • Perform extensive testing on prototype, engineering unit, and spaceflight hardware.
  • Prepare and present designs at various design reviews using MS Word and PowerPoint.
  • Produce engineering drawings conforming to NASA standards.
  • Perform functional analyses, when applicable, and mass, power, and sizing structural analyses.
  • Prepare and present designs at various design reviews using MS Word and PowerPoint.
  • Produce other required design documentation as requested.
  • Assist in developing and documenting fuel cell system requirements, including interface and performance requirements.
  • Coordinate closely with test organization to develop test plan that includes requirements, cost (labor and procurement) and schedule.
  • Works closely with the test team and fuel cell development partner to prepare facility for test preparations.
  • Work closely with the test organization to plan, review, and execute fuel cell test operations.
  • Reviews and presents test data to fuel cell system development partner and fuel cell test team.
  • Identifies potential safety risks and assists team to implement hazard mitigation.
  • Identifies technical risks and assists team to implement mitigation strategies.
  • Participates in fuel test planning and technical review meetings within JSC, development partner, and with other NASA centers.
  • Understands fuel cell membrane electrode assembly fabrication and in situ electrochemical diagnostics.
  • Performs other duties as required.

Here's What You'll Need:

Required Education/Experience/Skills:

  • This position has been posted at multiple levels. Depending on the candidate's experience, requirements, and business needs, we reserve the right to consider candidates at any level for which this position has been advertised.
  • BS degree in engineering from an accredited engineering school and five (5) years of related engineering experience, or a MS degree from an accredited engineering school and four (4) years of related engineering experience, or Ph.D. from an accredited engineering school and zero (0) years of related experience.
  • Must have a minimum of 5 years of experience using solid modeling CAD software.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Must have working knowledge and familiarization with the structural and thermal analysis process in development of spaceflight hardware.
  • Must have knowledge of fuel cell operations and limitations.
  • Must have knowledge of fluid systems and components. This includes basic fluid component types and functions as well as operation of gaseous oxygen and hydrogen systems.

Requisition Preferences:

  • Experience testing hardware.
  • Experience with NASA JSC flight hardware processing for spaceflight.
  • Prior experience with hardware anomaly troubleshooting and failure analysis.
  • Project management experience.