Key job responsibilities include:

  • Fully comply with EH&S programs (Environmental, Health and Safety) and advance performance wherever possible.
  • Apply Dow Global Methodologies and Most Effective Technologies.
  • Ensure that environmental, Safety and Loss Prevention principles are applied within the power system.
  • Ensure that Electrical Equipment is designed and maintained according to the applicable Governmental Rules.
  • Ensure that Electrical discipline interacts with all departments and disciplines to minimize disconnects and errors during design or work execution.
  • For tasks affecting critical systems for the process ensure appropriate local and global Subject Matter Experts are involved.
  • Provide technical expertise and support in electrical equipment failures and repair techniques during root cause investigations.
  • Provides technical expertise to plant personnel on troubleshooting failures, repairs and evaluating whether equipment is designed to meet its intended or existing service conditions.
  • Ensure major electrical equipment repairs are documented and made available.
  • Support the Preventive and Predictive Maintenance coordinator as required in reviewing maintenance plans and spare parts list for existing equipment.
  • Provide maintainability input to project activities.
  • Provide engineering input to maintenance work packages to ensure standards are followed.
  • During development of turnaround work provide input on development of work orders particularly on critical equipment requiring engineering review or input.
  • Perform technical reviews of maintenance procedures and check that a hazard assessment is included.
  • Develop and implement Electrical Equipment Reliability Strategies.
  • Review predictive maintenance reports to provide appropriate guidance for repair with coaching.

Key attributes for Electrical Junior Engineer candidates:

  • Initiative: Identifies/prioritizes improvement opportunities, develops solutions for effective implementation, secures resources, and delivers these improvements in a timely fashion. Candidate will operate in an empowered and de-layered organization with a high degree of personal accountability and minimal supervision.
  • Leadership: Able to manage multiple demand, set priorities and deliver results in a changing environment.
  • Responsible Care: Focus on Personal Safety and Safety. Comply with Safety expectations according to Site and Function.
  • Teamwork: Demonstrates leadership skills and actively participates in team meetings. Works well with a variety of key stakeholders to ensure effective implementation of projects.
  • Technical capabilities: Demonstrates strong engineering skills to appropriately identify and validate opportunities based on data analysis and interpretation.
  • Value creation: Thoroughly assesses the possible improvement opportunities and identification of the most effective solutions to significantly impact the business’ capital spending, operating costs and ability to maintain/improve our competitive position within the global petrochemical industry.

Strong interpersonal, technical, and leadership skills.



  • Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering (or equivalent) is required and officially recognized by the Spanish Authorities.
  • You have recently finished your Master’s studies (Fresh Graduate)
  • Fluent in Spanish and English.
  • Good technical and interpersonal skill-set, innovative, flexible and open-minded in a lifelong learning environment.