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As a team member of the R&D team, the Formulation Process Engineer is required to make key decisions in regards to their respective research projects that will have both immediate and long-term impact to the Corteva Agriscience Crop Protection business. Curiosity, critical thinking and collaboration are required to be successful in this role. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Scale up of agricultural chemical formulations such as water-dispersible granules (WDGs), granules (GR), Ecozomes (EZ), oil-dispersions (ODs), capsule suspensions (CSs), soluble liquids (SLs), baits etc. of new and existing active molecules.
  • Definition of process routes for best in class emerging encapsulation and controlled-release technologies from bench-top to full-scale production units.
  • Partnering with External Manufacturing specialists and Technology Center engineers to plan and support process demonstration trials and start-ups of new formulations.
  • Working with formulation equipment manufacturers to design and install state of the art processing equipment.
  • Data analysis, interpretation, report-writing, and delivering presentations with sound and timely recommendations.
  • Working safely, in full observance of Company safety and environmental plans and policies and fostering a strong commitment to safety and overall environmental responsibility.

Detailed Job Responsibilities

Utilizes fluid mechanics/chemical engineering/solids granulation principles to develop new liquid and dry formulation process routes for the Agricultural industry using registered and experimental active ingredients and permissible co-formulants: (60%)

  • Using Design of Experiment (DoE) to design and conduct experiments in the formulations development laboratories for understanding the impact of chemical and processing parameters on the functionality of resulting formulations. Important properties include, viscosity, particle size, bulk density, dispersion time, suspensibility, emulsion stability, etc.
  • Conducting research and testing to identify and implement practical solutions to known formulation process problems;
  • Working with a team of peers, engineers and scientists, to develop high-performance processing technologies that result in the development of new formulation types;
  • Effectively conducting data analysis, interpreting the experiments and mechanical tests performed on pilot scale, and making recommendations based on the results;
  • Planning and organizing experimental mechanical/chemical testing on the in-process and final samples;
  • Making sound recommendations to management and the business based on solid data and business rationale.

Coordinates and/or participates in demonstration, pilot and manufacturing trials on new technologies and improved technologies by: (20%)

  • Working with Corteva Agriscience’s Formulations Science and Technology personnel to plan and coordinate appropriate trials to validate lab findings.
  • Setting up of the DoE and on-the-floor decision-making based on the immediate outcomes of trials and reporting final trial outcomes;
  • Partnering with all levels of the organization to implement new technology, material, or processes developed to improve current products and manufacture new products;
  • Evaluating raw materials for experiments and trials from outside vendors and documenting final raw material specification details for use by manufacturing facilities as quality and formulation specifications.

Utilizes effective project management skills to deliver R&D projects on schedule and on target, as well as assisting and supporting other project teams or groups within the department when needed by: (20%)

  • Clearly understanding project objectives and expected outcomes through positive interaction with a variety of individuals within the organization so as to obtain all expected project deliverables in accordance with the needs of the business and within the guidelines of any established process involved in order to deliver the desired outcomes;
  • Developing effective plans for the projects/tasks at hand through effective project planning and organizing and interaction within and outside the team; and
  • Writing reports and delivering presentations to different stakeholders at various stages of a project.



  • What expertise have you grown? What do you bring to the table?
  • BS in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, material science, or chemistry, plus 4-6 years of relevant industrial or R&D experience.
  • MS in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, or material science, or chemistry, plus 2-4 years of relevant industrial or R&D experience.
  • PhD in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, material science, or chemistry, plus 0-3 years of relevant industrial or R&D experience.
  • Experience in Formulation or chemical process scale-up and/or process development;
  • Hands-on ability and capable of setting up an experimental apparatus and rigs in the laboratory.
  • Ability to work independently and drive projects to completion.
  • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills.
  • Ability to successfully partner with team members and stakeholders from multiple backgrounds.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Ability to deliver presentations that distill complex ideas and proactively communicate results and progress to technical teams, supervision, management, and business leadership.
  • Ability to travel up to 10%, as necessary.


  • Six Sigma Training
  • Experience in applying statistics and experimental design.
  • Demonstrated project management and planning skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple concurrent assignments while meeting deadlines and demanding quality execution.
  • Experience in Colloid and Interfacial Science
  • Experience with material property and performance characterization using mechanical, physical, and/or chemical testing/analysis