Weatherford is recruiting a MLWD FIELD ENGINEER for Ankara, Turkey office.


  • Carry out directional drilling operations on the rig site.
  • Ensure that the desired directional well path and target objectives are achieved.
  • Control well bore paths, figuring survey computations, bit hydraulics, rate of penetration, and bottom home assemblies.
  • Maintain a complete listing of all directional tools and survey equipment on location, and days on location
  • Responsible for reporting procedures.
  • Performed field MWD operations according to clients safety and technological requirements, maintained data base and forwarded measurement report to clients and companies, represented company professionally in front of clients and brother companies
  • Built up, used, and repaired tool for daily operation; communicated with coordinators on tool performance, parts and tool inventory, measurement results, and improvement of tool design, structure, and accreditation
  • Investigated root cause of failure and malfunction of tools in concerns of corrosion, machinery deficiencies, malpractice of engineer and technicians in field and shop, and proposed corrective action plan

Demonstrate a personal commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment.

  • a safe and healthy workplace for all employees;
  • enforcing all safety precautions and practices;
  • promoting safe work practices;
  • attending mandatory monthly safety meetings and maintaining Company property and equipment in safe operating conditions at all times.


-Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Earth Sciences

-Preferred DD experience, and able to work in teams effectively, excellent written and spoken communication skills, excellent computer skills.

-Ability to resolve human resource problems/issues at local level