• Directly carry out field activities such as: sampling, groundwater level monitoring and hydraulic pumping tests, field data reading, filling daily and weekly reports, field setting of remediation plants (e.g. regulating pumps flow rate of hydraulic barriers), checking proper functioning of remediation plants and highlighting necessity for maintenance works; provide suggestions for field problems solutions and enhancing performances of remediation systems, etc.; carry out small ordinary maintenance activities (e.g. cleaning of asameters, replacement of pipe fittings, etc.)
  • To make sure that material stocks are sufficient to keep up with work's schedule
  • To make sure that materials used are in accordance with the specifications.
  • To check the efficient productivity of Contractors labour with regards to the quality and quantity.
  • To check material quality and provide that all field test are made according to codes and specifications. Maintain record of all tests
  • To monitor Subcontractor execution of the work in order to maintain the program
  • To verify and discuss corrective actions with Environmental Field Supervisor.
  • To make sure Subcontractor observes safety procedures and job site activity regulations and obliges them to eliminate any dangerous situation
  • To make sure that "Work Permits" are obtained before start any work when required.
  • To check by the "Manpower presence report" the quantity of Subcontractor's manpower present in site.
  • To assure that all works are carried out on schedule
  • To prepare and fill the Extra Work Request form for any extra work out of contract or for modification for further approval by other functions
  • Check, sign and collect all Subcontractor Time Sheet when the work is reimbursed on hourly basis.
  • To record all modifications on master copy of drawings
  • To check that Subcontractor is working on the base of last edition of all drawings. Check Subcontractor's measurement book for works accounting
  • To check the execution of the works, which must be in accordance with technical documentation and rules, work progress, authorizing consequently the activity of accounting for the installed quantities.
  • To check acceptance forms for performed work and state that work is in accordance with Drawings/requisitions or reject the work with a precise description why
  • To implement HSE procedures and standards in compliance with applicable laws, Health and safety Documentation and environmental Management Manual
  • Coordinate both with HO team and Client at site

Skills / Qualifications


  • Minimum 3-5 years in similar position or experience in the environmental remediation activities in renewables sites and/or in oil and gas and petrochemical sites
  • Civil/Mechanical Construction
  • Knowledge in the use of standard software tools (Office)
  • Availability to travel and for long term assignments at sites different from main office