Under broad direction, supervises engineers and/or other technical staff members. Provides technical guidance to the group. Conducts goal setting and performance appraisals of personnel. Leads a cross functional, cross department or cross Center team in executing various corporate projects and/or initiatives (e.g., standards, best practices, lessons learned), or a standing sub-PSL design team. Utilizes project management skills and tracking tools in the organization and execution of project assignments. Executes tactical action plans as set by department goals and objectives. Manage the development team to ensure delivery. Possesses thorough understanding of the supported PSL's technology and broad understanding of the associated development tools. This person will have responsibility for identifying and filling technological and functional requirements. A technical leader will be capable of managing outside consultants in developing solutions and coordinate project design and milestone reviews. Incorporates reliability analysis and promotes optimum use of development tools and standards during the design process. Understands and promotes HES's quality directives. Though this individual's focus will be technical leadership, they will perform development tasks maintaining their development expertise. Job role has budgetary type accountabilities or directly impacts a revenue center's viability or its quality of service via personal contributions.

  • Skills are typically acquired through a undergraduate degree in Electrical, Mechanical, Material Science, Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent degree, and minimum of 8 years related experience or through 12 years of related experience.
  • Incumbents at this level will usually hold a certification as a Licensed/Chartered Professional Engineer.

Additional responsibilities/Preferred experience:

  • Maintains a proactive, solutions-oriented mindset to best support site response to customer voice and continuously improve environment
  • Leads team in a collaborative approach to engage effectively across manufacturing and R&D functions
  • Decision making is inherently safety focused
  • Working lead – manages team and individual projects simultaneously
  • Previous technical leadership experience preferred
  • Proven manufacturing engineering experience in high and low volume production environments
  • Flexible and efficient project manager, allocates resources and coordinates support to successfully complete projects to timeline
  • Experience supporting product lifecycle with DFMA and FMEA and new manufacturing technology development. Has previously launched new products into a manufacturing environment, completing methods analysis and routings and design of tooling and fixturing.
  • Experience with capital equipment design, selection, and installation for both new manufacturing technology and existing process upgrades, including automation.
  • CAD and ERP (SAP preferred) experience.
  • Experience in machining and complex electronics assembly.
  • Experience with Class 2 Div 1 and 2 environments and with explosives.