The Engineering Manager is responsible to lead all the engineering activities related to following disciplines:

  • Methods and Structural Engineering
  • Welding Engineering
  • Factory Acceptance Testing Engineering
  • Yard Surveying
  • Drafting/Design Engineering

In addition, the position involves training and continuously developing the technical skills of engineers within each discipline and ensuring that they carry out activities in an efficient and safe manner.


  • Technically responsible for discipline activities to provide services for projects, studies and tenders. Primarily, establishing the requirements, and then implementing the procedures/guidelines for all related disciplines.
  • Justify and defend all the related engineering activities in front of clients in a highly professional and technical manner.
  • Apply knowledge and understanding in support of processes that interface with engineering activities.
  • Timely production/review of engineering deliverables in a professional and accurate manner related to all disciplines.
  • Contribute to the development of Sonamet technical database
  • Review client specifications and provide comments/alternatives, if not within the capabilities of related disciplines.
  • Understand, apply and follow the client specifications along with the best industry practice for all the related disciplines.
  • Resource identification for all related disciplines to meet the forecasted activities/production.
  • Plan the activities within the disciplines for efficient execution.
  • Maintain awareness of today's industry and contribute to the continuous improvement of the disciplines through networking and support to regular forums/meetings.
  • Promote the introduction and exploitation of innovative technology to give the project, study or tender a competitive advantage.
  • Pursue goals, plan, priorities and organize work, apply logical analysis to break down problems and to develop solutions by creative thinking
  • Develop working relationships through effective communication.
  • Willingness to self-development, as well as train and develop others.
  • Contribute to regular forums/meetings with personnel in the discipline to stimulate discussions on ways of improving all disciplines and ensure flow of information and knowledge transfer.
  • Ensure all the discipline related activities are performed as per safety rules and within safety conditions. Liaise with Safety Department to tackle safety issues in preparing and performing related activity.


Methods and Structural Engineering

  • Review of Lifting Operation Plan (LOP) for engineered lifts
  • Provide all necessary inputs to Method Engineer related to structural calculation/analysis for engineered lifts using NSO/ISYMOST (Beam and Shell FE Analysis).
  • Participate and approve HIRA and ensure that lifting operations are planned considering the safety of personnel and assets
  • Issue technical documentations as an approver accepting the responsibility of its contents

Welding Engineering

  • Interpret standards and provide technical guidelines to Welding Engineers necessary for the issuance of welding related documents such as WPS/PQR and Welding Qualification Matrix
  • Review and approve all the inputs to tenders regarding the welding qualifications
  • Have adequate technical welding/material engineering background to troubleshoot any issues regarding welding and metallurgy.

Factory Acceptance Testing Engineering

  • Review and approve Test Packs for all FAT activities
  • Understand Client specification/procedure and provide all the necessary information such as test planning, test sequence and equipment list to FAT Engineer/Supervisor.
  • Have enough background in testing to interpret the Client procedure and propose improvements. Be capable to draft a FAT procedure.
  • Plan procurement of any additional equipment/service in order to carry out all the testing activities as per the requirement
  • Participate and approve HIRA and ensure that testing operations are planned considering the safety of personnel and assets

Yard Surveying

  • Review Client tolerance requirement for the structures and issue any deviations necessary.
  • Provide all necessary inputs such as tolerance requirement, number of hits/sections to surveyor that are needed to conduct survey as per the International standards/client requirements
  • Provide all needed technical assistance to PFE/Surveyors in completing the dimensional control drawings.
  • Have enough knowledge in survey engineering to guide the surveyors in their methodology to ensure maximize the accuracy of the results.
  • Have an excellent understanding of the GD&T nomenclature and be able to interpret the impact on fabrication


  • Post Graduate Engineering degree or equivalent qualification
  • Strong focus on technical knowledge in all disciplines
  • Expert with proven ability over an extended breadth of execution
  • Ability to work with the minimum supervision
  • Familiar with systems and procedures as relevant for the area of responsibility
  • Familiar with technical software within discipline such as NSO/ISYMOST and Autocad (2D and 3D)
  • Good interpersonnel skills, team-player
  • Acquainted in Legislations and Standards as relevant for the area of responsibility
  • Encouraging a culture of transparency by acting consistently with integrity

Authority / Dimensions:

  • Operate within the Business Code of Conduct
  • Operate according to Subsea 7's Management Principles
  • Support standards and procedures for the relevant Function


  • The position is based in Lobito at SONAMET Yard.