The Engineering Director Cables will focus on producing Cables Engineering deliverables on schedule and to the desired quality. The Engineering Director Cables is overall responsible for the performance of engineering activities undertaken within projects. The Engineering Director is responsible for all aspects of technical management.

  • Provide leadership to ensure the delivery of quality engineering services.
  • Manages by directing, developing, communicating, and implementing the company's direction and strategic goals.
  • Responsibilities may include business development, budget control, project & resource management, engineering operations, performance management, training and all other related business activities.
  • Manages by directing, developing, communicating, and implementing the company's direction and strategic goals.
  • Day to day management of the companies’ technical department in compliance with the company Management Systems
  • Monitors reliability and performance of Engineers and internal engineering support systems
  • Control overall performance of the company’s technical, engineering, logistics and procurement activities and equipment.
  • Responsible for reporting relevant costing information of related Company equipment and/or specific project related CAPEX to the Project Managers before, during and after the execution of the project
  • Provide technical, logistics, procurement and engineering support to the projects teams.
  • Point of contact for all non-marine equipment related problems offshore
  • Supervise all personnel within the Technical Department and ensure that they carry out their tasks in accordance with delegated authority and responsibility
  • Responsible for control and proper processing of Material Request Forms in compliance with Company procedures
  • Coordinate coaching, development and training of engineers

Authority / Dimensions:

  • Operate within the Business Code of Conduct
  • Operate according to Subsea 7's Management Principles
  • Support standards and procedures for the relevant Function

Key qualifications/experience:

  • BSc/Msc Degree in Ocean, Marine, Mechanical or Civil Engineering
  • Minimum10 years relevant experience in the marine/offshore sector.
  • Experienced manager
  • Strategic, solid commercial sense
  • Management and negotiation skills
  • Good communicator, ability to interface with management and external parties
  • Conceptual thinker, identify key or underlying issues in complex situations.
  • Excellent oral and written communicative skills in the English language