Civil / Structural Engineering

Marine Terminal Engineer

  • Provide engineering support for marine terminal (MT) facilities covering structure, fender & mooring, cargo transfer equipment and ship / shore access
  • Complete Vessel Acceptance Criteria studies for berth / vessel compatibility and develop equipment strategies for marine structures and equipment
  • Perform external assessments to gauge site adherence to ExxonMobil and industry standards, support Marine Terminal circuit-wide initiatives and incident recovery efforts

Degree in Civil / Structural Engineering

  • Preferably 5 years of experience or more in marine facilities structural design and analysis. Fresh graduates may also apply
  • Working knowledge or experience in industry guidelines for marine terminals, mooring analysis and fender design

Compositional Modeling Engineer

  • Map compositional analytical data to a model of composition, and extend existing kinetic networks
  • Fit kinetic parameters to experimental and/or commercial data, and apply and extend property and performance models
  • Support embedding composition-based models into other work flows (e.g. online and offline manufacturing optimization and process monitoring)
  • Support model use, configuration, debugging and updates
  • PhD in Chemical Engineering (or in relevant fields)
  • Experience in modeling kinetic networks is an added advantage

Distillation Engineer / Sulfur Recovery and Amine Treating Engineer

  • Provide process engineering and technical support to:

capital projects in ensuring efficient use of capital

mentor and guide less experienced engineers and technical specialists

identify opportunities for improvements, research and effectively deploy new technologies

  • Collaborate with vendors and suppliers to ensure appropriate design, manufacture, testing and delivery of equipment
  • Support ExxonMobil manufacturing sites in downstream, chemical and upstream (site turnarounds and startup / shutdown, installation, commissioning and operation of grassroots or revamped facilities)
  • Degree in Chemical Engineering
  • At least 8 years of experience in oil and gas, petrochemical or refining industry
  • At least 4 years of experience in distillation / fractionation, or sulfur recovery / amine
  • Working knowledge or experience in one or more of the following:

technical refining including monitoring, troubleshooting, asset support, projects and turnarounds

process and equipment design including use of process simulation packages

  • Experience in R&D and pilot plant facilities will be an added advantage

Hybrid Disciplines

Process Control Application Engineer

  • Develop and implement basic regulatory and advanced control applications at ExxonMobil refineries and chemical facilities worldwide
  • Develop and apply tools and techniques to improve the effectiveness of process control applications
  • Provide global technical expertise to ExxonMobil refineries, chemicals and upstream facilities globally on base and advanced control applications and support for capital projects
  • Degree in Chemical or Electrical Engineering
  • At least 2-3 years of experience in designing and implementing effective control applications in downstream refining, petrochemical industry or upstream facilities
  • Working knowledge in one or more of the following:
  • Distributed Control System (DCS) software and hardware platforms (Honeywell TDC/EPKS, Yokogawa, Emerson, Schneider, ABB etc.)
  • Model predictive control software (AspenTech DMC or similar platforms)
  • Programming languages (VB, Matlab, Python, SQL)
  • Data analytics and visualization (SeeQ, JMP, Tableau, Power BI)
  • Steady State and Dynamic Simulation Tools (HySys, Unisim, DynSim)

Control Systems Engineer

  • Support process control systems' infrastructure (software/hardware) and advanced control applications for refineries and chemical plants
  • Design and engineer computing infrastructure such as servers, operating systems and networks
  • Integrate and deploy advanced control applications into the industrial control systems (ICS) environment
  • Degree in Computer Science/IT or Electrical Engineering
  • Experience with virtualization, containers, networking, Windows Server operating systems, PowerShell, Python
  • Experience with software configuration, integration, testing and technical documentation

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineer

  • Build technical decision-making process at chemical manufacturing sites, including using models for equipment performance and trend analysis
  • Process monitoring of equipment such as distillation towers, heat exchangers, compressors and furnaces
  • Degree in Chemical Engineering
  • Knowledge or experience in process simulation tools such as PROII or HYSYS will be an advantage

Offline Optimization Engineer

  • Build, maintain and improve fundamental process models and linear program models of steam cracking / refining units
  • Develop, maintain, implement and improve ancillary toolsets such as reporting, results analysis and model validation tools across ExxonMobil sites to enable optimal selection of chemical feedstocks as well as key operating conditions
  • Degree in Chemical Engineering
  • Minimum 1 year of experience in the petrochemical or refining industry:
  • Process modeling practices
  • Off-line or on-line optimization models for large scale refining / chemicals optimization
  • ROMeo or PIMS modeling and optimization platforms

Process Safety Engineer

  • Provide process safety engineering expertise for ExxonMobil’s Upstream and Downstream assets and projects
  • Facilitate Risk Assessment and Process Hazard Analysis and conduct process safety studies including dispersion modelling
  • Support continuous improvement of ExxonMobil process safety standards, tools and practices
  • Degree in Chemical Engineering
  • Preferably with 2 years of experience or more in:

Process design / process safety engineering

Hazard identification, risk analyses and assessment methodologies

Environmental Engineer

  • Support ExxonMobil sites on:

air emissions estimation and dispersion modeling

fleet monitoring of water / wastewater treatment facilities

  • Work with technology leads on site performance analysis / recommendations
  • Degree in Chemical or Environmental Engineering
  • Knowledge or experience in process simulation tools like PROII or HYSYS is an added advantage
  • Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply

Safety Relief Engineer

  • Perform overpressure protection studies for ExxonMobil refineries, chemical plants and global projects
  • Deliver innovative and risk-appropriate solutions for overpressure protection system, including relief device installation and flare
  • Support ExxonMobil manufacturing site’s overall risk management program for risks associated with safety relief
  • Degree in Chemical Engineering
  • Preferably 3 years of experience or more in oil and gas, petrochemical or refining industry
  • Working knowledge or experience in flare modelling or process simulation tools such as Visual Flow, FlareNet, HYSYS or PROII will be an added advantage