Responsibilities & Requirements: Job description:

  • Ensure the organization of inventory management.
  • Ensure the monitoring and analysis of ITNs
  • Provide support to the production manager and workshop supervisors in improving performance and their actions

Objectives / missions:


  • Determination and implementation of stock strategies
  • Maintenance of article data relating to stock management (Oracle ERP)
  • Support for the management of the annual global inventory
  • Monitoring and optimization of the stock level
  • Support on flow optimization
  • Versatility of the stock management team


  • Detailed analysis and use of MII data
  • Proposal and support for piloting improvement actions with supervisors
  • Support to supervisors on resolving business issues
  • Study and improvement of the "problem solving" method in place



  • Guarantee control of item data in relation to stock strategies defined with the production management team
  • Data management for new articles (assignment of planners, monitoring of the parameter matrix, etc.)
  • Support on the management of the annual inventory

Organization of the inventory in collaboration with the inventory management team

Communication to the teams of the methodology and the progress of the inventory

Treatment and follow-up of deviations

Analysis and implementation of the action plan relating to these deviations

  • Inventory level management

Map the level of stocks (By product family, by item type)

Monitor the stock level on a daily basis

Set up an action plan to reduce stocks

Monitoring the effectiveness of this action plan

  • Support in flow management: Analyze flows and propose appropriate improvements.
  • Inform the teams on inventory management (procedure, methodology, etc.)
  • Participate in the versatility of the inventory management team (declaration of end of production, etc.)


  • Correction of MII errors on production progress and bad badging
  • Training and support for supervisors
  • Monitoring of indicators
  • Forecast calculation and trend
  • Implementation of an analysis tool
  • Establishment of a differential diagnosis of the fundamental causes of loss of efficiency
  • Implementation of actions and methods based on the results
  • Studies and interpretation of results
  • Support to the supervisor in the unblocking of cases
  • Support to the supervisor in the search for the root cause of a production problem
  • Support of operators in the escalation of problems
  • Creation of an analysis tool facilitating the escalation of problems
  • Study and improvement of the method in place to make it suitable and optimal
  • Support for financial analysis of production
  • Global monitoring of production indicators

Preferred Experience / Skills: Skills / Requirements / Qualifications:

Technical skills :

  • Master the use of computer tools: word processing, spreadsheet
  • Master the logic of calculating net needs
  • To be able to prepare any professional support document: procedure, instruction sheet etc ...
  • Mastery of the Oracle inventory management module
  • Mastery of different production methods
  • Mastery of operational lean principles, management and strategy

Transversal skills :

  • Be able to use data
  • Be rigorous, methodical and organized
  • Demonstrate interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrate fluency in oral
  • Fluent English