Equipment Strategy / Reliability Engineer

  • Develop plans and strategy for base equipment and projects including technical specifications
  • Drive quality and provide recommendations for equipment reliability using the Swim Lane, CREDO and Credible Failure Mode (CFM) processes
  • Mechanical Engineering degree or higher
  • Relevant experience in the upstream, petrochemical, chemical, refinery or similar industry

Chemical Engineer

  • Build technical decision-making process at chemical manufacturing sites, including using models for equipment performance and trend analysis
  • Process monitoring of equipment such as distillation towers, heat exchangers, compressors and furnaces
  • Chemical Engineering degree or higher
  • Knowledge or experience in process simulation tools such as PROII or HYSYS will be an advantage

Instrumentation / Electrical Engineer

  • Provide Instrumentation & Control Systems (I&CS) expertise for projects (planning, design, execution, commissioning)
  • Provide assessments and root cause failure analysis, long-term equipment improvement initiatives and analyze the performance data of the site's electrical equipment
  • Electrical / Power Engineering degree or higher
  • Experience in I&CS specialty projects or FAT / SAT (factory / site acceptance tests) for new electrical systems

Safety Relief Engineer

  • Provide technical safety consultancy for ExxonMobil refineries and chemical plants globally
  • Deliver feasible studies and solutions in the area of process safety
  • Chemical Engineering degree or higher
  • Experience in flare modelling / process simulation tools such as Pressure Protection Manager (PPM), Visual Flow, FlareNet, HYSYS or PROII

Advanced Control Engineer

  • Develop and implement basic regulatory and advanced control applications at ExxonMobil’s refineries and chemical sites, especially on Honeywell TDC-3000 and Experion platforms
  • Provide expertise in advanced and multi-variable predictive controls and product blending technologies on refinery process units
  • Chemical Engineering degree or higher
  • Knowledge of following computing systems / tools:
  • AspenTech DMC / other Model Predictive Controls (MPC)
  • Honeywell / Experion base regulatory control system
  • Modern programming language (C#, TCL etc.)

Control Systems Engineer

  • Design infrastructure, integrate applications and provide support for a managed set of control systems technologies used at ExxonMobil global manufacturing sites
  • Computer Science / IT degree or higher
  • Related experience in AspenTech DMC, ROMeo RTO, Honeywell Uniformance, Bently-Nevada System1 or Honeywell Advanced Alarm Management

Machinery Engineer

  • Provide machinery engineering expertise including engineering assessment, development of specifications, design appraisal, troubleshooting, equipment failure root cause failure analysis, long term equipment improvement initiatives and supporting new installations, tests and commissioning
  • Mechanical Engineering degree or higher
  • Preferably 2 - 10 years of practical experience in the upstream / petrochemical / chemical / refinery or a similar industry

Marine Terminal Engineer

  • Provide engineering expertise of marine terminal facilities including:

Structural Design

Fendering and Mooring

Cargo Transfer Equipment (loading arms and hoses)

Ship/Shore Access Systems

Cargo Transfer

Drainage and Containment

Fire Protection

Shore Protection and Dredging

  • Civil / Structural Engineering degree or higher
  • Working knowledge of industry guidelines for marine terminals; OCIMF and PIANC / structural design of marine facilities
  • Experience in performing mooring analysis and fender design will be an advantage