• Assists in conceptual designs, studies, reports and proposals.
  • Performs calculations and basic preliminary analyses.
  • Uses computer aided engineering/computer aided design (CAE/CAD) tools as directed.
  • Checks manufacturers' drawings and data for compliance with specifications.
  • Assists in detailed development of established design concepts for process systems, structures and equipment.
  • Assists in developing or reviews discipline material quantity estimates.
  • Compiles, verifies and correlates data relating to engineering problems.
  • Assists in evaluation of suppliers.
  • Provides input to and/or maintains records for equipment and components.
  • Participates in preparation of material requisitions, specifications and other related procurement documents.
  • Coordinates assigned work with other technical personnel as directed.
  • Assists in development and verification of project control documents and status reports.
  • Participates in and fosters a work environment that is based upon openness, trust, communication, teamwork, empowerment, innovation, and satisfaction.

Qualifications and Skills

  • 5-10 years relevant experience
  • Basic knowledge of engineering systems and calculations, applications of engineering methods, construction materials, and application of computer aided engineering (CAE)/compueter aided design (CAD) tools to engineering problems.
  • Basic awareness of relevant Engineering Department Procedures (EDPs), design standards and guides, and Bechtel Standard Application Programs (BSAPs).
  • Basic awareness of indusry or regulatory standards and design criteria pertinent to the particular engineering discipline.
  • Basic skills in oral and written communication.
  • The above is normally acquired through:

A recognised degree in engineering or scientific discipline, from an accredited college or university, OR

Specialised courses in an engineering discipline, engineering design and practice, AND

Practtical work experience to the degree necessary to peform the responsibilites outlined above. This work experience to be in design engineering or other relevant types of engineering such as system start-up, field engineering, or plant operation in large inndustrial plants, utilities, proces plants or engineering/construction firms.