How will you help us grow? It matters to us, and it matters to you!

  • Be the key driver of Safe and Reliable Production in a Specialty/Fine Chemical Production Plant. Works with team to enable efficient and effective processing each day.
  • Understands all applicable process technology, equipment and control technology. Works with Technical Advisor and Plant Personnel it to optimize operations, meet Business and plant goals.
  • Participates in advanced trouble shooting and coaches others to learn these skills.
  • Implements best practices in operations to optimize operations. Ensures Most Effective Technology (MET), and specific Operating Discipline requirements are in place.
  • Performs appropriate Manage Production roles as determined by Plant / Business.
  • Understands and applies skills and knowledge in Statistical Process Control (SPC) technology, to maximize plant asset utilization and produce low cost, quality products.
  • Initiates changes to Plant Operating procedures to ensure they are valid and up to date.
  • Networks with other engineers on site and within the global business to leverage knowledge on plant operations.
  • As required communicate technical information and issues to plant personnel, Technology or Expertise centers.
  • Be the plant Asset Utilization/Asset Capability/MAC Focal Point. Drive rate changes, optimize profiles to meet production goals while increasing MAC, maintain the AU Database, enter production data into the AU database, and calculate monthly AU/AC/AMR/MAC. Ensure production results are documented clearly against expectations and able to explain/document all downtime.
  • May serve as Plant/Block Process Safety Focal Point (PSFP)
  • Facilitate a plant process improvement team.
  • Own and maintain the plant P&IDs.
  • Take care of audits and assessments that are required by outsiders – either as direct support and/or as the host -Some may be unannounced.
  • Become the team leader of production loss CAPA’s and lead the RCIs to identify key action items so the event will not recur.
  • Creates Plant Operating procedures as needed.
  • Initiates, owns and reviews Managemnent of Changes (MOC) as needed.
  • Provides On-Call support.
  • Works with the Business Production Planning and Schedule Execution to optimize the long-term production schedule.
  • Understands the Business needs relating to production and translates these Business production goals into plant production goals.
  • Works with Integrated Supply Chain to ensure plant needs are met.
  • Determines shutdown timing with Production Planning, Start Up/Shutdown Coordination, Operate Plant Activity Coordination, etc.
  • Assists in the development of the plant specific Business rules for “Produce to Plan / Record Production Data” and ensures plant procedures are developed and used to apply the defined Business rules.
  • Works with Schedule Execution to resolve exceptions to production schedules, which are not covered by Business rules; communicate with partners, facilitates the resolution, understands impact on customer and develops the plan of action.
  • Ensures an MOC is initiated whenever a facility moves to an abnormal operating status. Idling, decommissioning, mothballing, etc. Start Up/Shut Down (SU/SD) process will be utilized.
  • Ensures production metrics/measurements, required by the work processes, are collected to track work process performance as per Business rules.
  • Ensures effective measurement tools are in place to track production yields, raw material conversion and asset utilization.
  • Coaches plant personnel on measurement tools and daily updates of performance records and business measurements.



What expertise have you grown? What do you bring to the table?

  • Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering is required.
  • 2-5 years of manufacturing experience is preferred.