The purpose of this position is to provide Process Technology engineering and technical support for simple systems.

  • Perform basic process engineering assignments
  • Generate, calculate, and correlate data to assist higher level engineers in performing required engineering functions
  • Understand and follow Process Design Basis and Process Design Criteria
  • Maintain awareness of cost impacts related to process design
  • Understand client objectives and goals; implement these objectives and goals in all aspects of work on the project
  • Assist with process studies
  • Other duties as assigned

Basic Job Requirements

  • Accredited four (4) year degree or global equivalent in engineering field of study and two (2) years of work-related experience; a recognized professional certification or registration in the applicable field, if required; some locations may have additional or different qualifications in order to comply with local requirements
  • Chemical Engineering, Bio Chemical or Bio Engineering Degree required
  • Ability to communicate effectively with audiences that include but are not limited to management, coworkers, clients, vendors, contractors, and visitors
  • Job related technical knowledge necessary to complete the job
  • Ability to learn and apply knowledge of applicable local, state/province, and federal/national statutes and guidelines
  • Ability to attend to detail and work in a time-conscious and time-effective manner

Other Job Requirements

  • Assist in preparation of Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID's) for process systems and/or utility systems
  • Perform equipment sizing and calculations for simple equipment, initiate equipment datasheets
  • Input process data on instrument datasheets
  • Input process data on line list
  • Prepare process summaries (utilities, chemicals & catalysts, effluents & emissions and relief)
  • Participate in Hazops, model reviews and drawing reviews

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experienced with large scale bulk drug substance manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies and antibody like proteins.
  • Experience with Cell Culture, harvest downstream, upstream, Protein Purification, Clean Utilities (WFI, Clean Steam, Clean gases, CIP/SIP design).
  • Experience with small scale single use manufacturing of non-antibody proteins.
  • Experience with single use mix systems, chromatography system, tangential flow filtration systems, viral filtration, and depth filtration.
  • Experience with blood plasma products. Experience with plasma fractionation (centrifugation & filter presses), protein purification (both stainless steel and single use), formulation, fill & finish, ethanol recovery.
  • Experience with small scale monoclonal antibody and antibody drug conjugate production (both drug substance and drug product.)
  • Experience with handling cyotoxic materials
  • Experience with cell & gene therapy.
  • Experience with Life Sciences, Pharma or Biologics