• Provide technical solutions in order to bid and be able to detail design mixers and pumps, this would involve calculating and sizing process equipment (such as Static Mixers, Agitators, High Shear Mixers and pumps).
  • Be able to provide information to allow simulation studies such as computational fluid dynamics and understand the implications of the results.
  • Prepare process datasheet for Equipment & Instrumentation.
  • Request quotations from equipment suppliers.
  • Evaluate sub-vendor proposals and reply to bid clarifications.
  • Carry out lab work on customer samples and determine how best to scale up the solution.
  • Have a good understanding of ATEX legislation for hazardous areas and the PED for pressure vessels.
  • Create and develop proposal and enquiry documents, detail design and specify for purposes of quotation, purchase and manufacture.
  • Within the proposals process, capture and develop opportunities with other team members for widening the scope of supply and the integration of multiple products and service offerings.
  • Carry out single and inter-discipline checks and reviews.
  • Present technical solutions to clients and other industry professionals.
  • Attend and participate in client meetings, maintaining a high degree of professionalism and ensuring that customer care is foremost.
  • Attend and participate in HAZOPs, bid clarification meetings, technical discussions regarding NOV technologies, project kick off meetings, visit client assets and provide process input to ensure customer care is foremost.
  • Responsible for the development of systems and improvement in working practices and processes.
  • Maintain a high standard of housekeeping in the work area and department.
  • Ensure personal compliance with all HSE legislation and HSE Company policy.
  • Be fully familiar and conversant with department and company policies, procedures and processes, ensuring all work and actions undertaken are in full compliance at all times.
  • Foreign language is preferred but not essential.
  • Support other departments and carry out other duties as and when business requirements dictate or as may be reasonably expected by line manager.
  • Travel as and when required by Client needs.


Strategic Skills

  • Able to understand, evaluate and apply technical information in order to secure orders in line with the business strategy
  • Able to keep abreast of an evolving portfolio of products and services
  • Be quick to identify critical information and respond appropriately

Operating Skills

  • Adept at exercising good judgement (sometimes with incomplete information) whilst being constrained by tight deadlines
  • Able to apportion time effectively to complete tasks
  • Be willing to provide colleagues with the information they need to complete their tasks and eliminate roadblocks
  • Quickly identify the critical tasks and maintain focus
  • Able to inform and coach technical and non-technical team members


  • Can be counted on to take personal responsibility in challenging situations and be willing to engage in disputes in order to settle them equitably

Energy and Drive

  • Will be energised by challenges and drawn towards opportunities
  • Capable of maintaining long term objectives

Organisational Positioning Skills

  • Confident and professional when representing the company in person and in writing

Personal & Interpersonal Skills

  • A candid team player who collaborates with peers to solve problems
  • Imbued with a strong sense of customer focus (internal/external)
  • Committed to self-improvement and development through the role in order to achieve career goals
  • Firm and diplomatic when negotiating


  • Working knowledge of process sizing and calculation
  • Computer literacy (including good command of Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook)
  • Understanding of engineering documents and drawing
  • Effective communication in English

Additional (Preferred) skills

  • AutoCAD
  • Microsoft Office suite
  • Be aware of ATEX, PED and IEC Regulations
  • Have an understanding of common place industry materials and their application


  • Tertiary education in Mechanical


Preferably, Chartered Engineer or willing to approach Chartered



  • 1-3 year experience in a similar position
  • Preferably, mixing and pumping experience