• Conducting research and development in modeling, control, and data analytics for solving challenging problems in the oil & gas industry
  • Contributing to the identification of high value problems and opportunities
  • Participating in control system design, control system prototyping, and implementation
  • Design smart systems to augment complex tasks
  • Collaborating with team members and providing necessary support for technology transfer
  • Publishing results in patent applications, technical journals, and conferences

Required Education and Skills

  • A PhD (or equivalent experience) from Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, or Electrical Engineering with a focus on Control Theory and Applications, Robotics, Mechatronics, Machine Learning, or Data Analytics
  • Experience and strong interest in solving practical problems, from invention to implementation in the field
  • An excellent publication and patent record consistent with experience
  • Extensive knowledge in control theory, such as modern control, adaptive control, robust control, nonlinear control, optimal control, Model Predictive Control, etc., with outstanding ability to identify the proper control method for solving practical control problems and, when necessary, to develop new control methods, and/or
  • Extensive knowledge and practical experience in the application of Data Analytics including machine learning techniques such as SVM, Neuro Network, Bayes network, Genetic Algorithms, etc., preferably with control applications
  • Knowledge of robotic systems with high DoF control, path planning, mechatronics, or dynamic modeling of complex systems
  • Demonstrated teamwork, strong communication skills, and collaborative in complex engineering projects

Preferred Experiences

  • Worked with large data sets, unstructured data, structured data and supporting compute/cloud systems like Microsoft Azure
  • Built tools/workflows and support structures needed to analyze data, perform data cleaning, execute feature detection and extract business value from data
  • Developed models, control algorithms, workflows, & software for use in field operations
  • Leveraged data visualization software applications, such as R, Power BI, Spotfire or Tableau