The calculation of the wetted area and volume of a vertical vessel is required for engineering tasks such fire studies and the determination of level alarms and control set points. However, the calculation of these parameters is complicated by the geometry of the vessel, particularly the heads.

Process Data


Vessel Volume

Shell Liquid Volume, ft3: {{shell_liquid_volume}}
Head Liquid Volume, ft3: {{head_liquid_volume}}
Total Liquid Volume, ft3: {{total_liquid_volume}}
Total Shell Volume, ft3: {{total_shell_volume}}
Total Head Volume, ft3: {{total_head_volume}}
Total Vessel Volume, ft3: {{total_vessel_volume}}

Vessel Surface

Shell Wet Area, ft2: {{shell_wet_surface_area}}
Head Wet Area, ft2: {{head_wet_surface_area}}
Total Wet Area, ft2: {{total_wet_surface_area}}
Total Shell Area, ft2: {{shell_total_surface_area}}
Total Head Area, ft2: {{head_total_surface_area}}
Total Surface Area, ft2: {{total_surface_area}}