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Inherent Safety Issues

Published on 25 Apr 2019 by Arun Patel

In considering inherently safer design alternatives, it is essential to remember that there are always conflicting benefits and deficiencies associated with the different options.

Inherent Safety Trade-offs

Published on 22 Apr 2019 by Arun Patel

Chemical processes usually have many potential hazards, and a change which reduces one hazard may create a new one or increase the magnitude of a different existing hazard. It is essential that the process designer retain a broad overview of the process when considering alternatives that he/she remains aware of …

Consideration for Inherently Safer Process Options

Published on 20 Apr 2019 by Arun Patel

The search for inherently safer process options must begin early in the process life cycle, and never stop. The greatest potential opportunities for impacting process design occur early in the invention and development of processes. It is never too late to consider inherently safer alternatives.

The Role of Inherently Safer Design Concepts in Process Risk Management

Published on 17 Apr 2019 by Arun Patel

This part 2 discusses the role of inherently safer design concepts in process risk management. How process risk management strategies can be categorized, in order of decreasing reliability, as inherent, passive, active, and procedural.

Inherently Safer Chemical Process

Published on 15 Apr 2019 by Arun Patel

Inherently safer design represents a fundamentally different approach to chemical process safety. Rather than accepting the hazards in a process, and then adding on safety systems and layers of protection to control those hazards, the process designer is challenged to reconsider the process and eliminate the hazards.