This Part 2 is a continuation of Risk Assessment and Blowout Intervention for Platform Survivability - Part 1 - Methodology.

Sample “What-if” Assessment Pre-prepared Questions

Scenario 1: Site Assessment

  • Blowout
    • What-if a surface blowout occurs causing platform sinking?
  • Mobilization
    • What-if response package cannot be mobilized or is unavailable?
    • What-if a capping stack is not available?
  • Site Assessment
    • What-if the FPSO cannot be disconnected from the platform?
    • What-if there is no ROV available to verify integrity of the subsea infrastructure?
    • What-if utilities/dispersant cannot be deployed?
    • What-if relief well activities cannot begin?
  • Platform Structural Survivability
    • What-if the required platform offset cannot be achieved for vertical access?
    • What-if the risers cannot achieve the required offset?
    • What-if metocean conditions limit activities?
    • What-if it is determined that the platform is sinking?
  • HSE
    • What-if the emergency response plan cannot be successfully activated?
    • What-if the FPSO cannot be evacuated?
    • What-if platform sinks onto FPSO mooring lines?
    • What-if it is not safe for vessels to work at the well-site?
  • Well Kill
    • What-if surface well control cannot be accomplished?
    • What-if well control cannot be achieved with perforation of the riser and seawater hydrostatic head?
    • What-if well cannot be shut in/killed?

Scenario 2: Debris Removal

  • Cut or Disconnect Drilling Riser
    • What-if riser cannot be disconnected and fire continues at the surface?
    • What-if metocean conditions limit activities?
  • Platform Sinking
    • What-if the platform continues to show instability?
    • What-if release cannot be treated with dispersants?
  • Debris Removal
    • What-if debris cannot be cleared in order to access well head?
    • What-if the tieback connectors of the production risers cannot be cleared?
    • What-if the platform sinks onto the wells?

Scenario 3: Cap, Containment, and Recovery

  • Run Capping Stack
    • What-if the well cannot be shut in using side outlet chokes and valves?
    • What-if the oil release cannot be captured?
  • Well Kill
    • What-if well kill cannot be performed?

See Part 3 for Sample Recommendations to “What-if” Assessment.