Flanges Hubs and Clamp




Weakest link in the piping system therefore can cause leakage Withstand greater load and stress than the piping system itself ultimately provide better tightness
Seal and gasket Gasket must be replaced during maintenance

Self-energized metal seal ring can be reused

Installation and arrangement
  • Bolt holes must be aligned
  • Multiple bolts (up to 24)
  • Longer overall length
  • Larger overall diameter
  • Flange connection take time to be assembled or disassembled
  • No bolt holes to align
  • 4 bolts to tighten
  • Shorter overall length
  • Smaller overall diameter
  • Quicker assembled or disassembled
Traditional sparing management must be considered
Sparing is significantly reduced
Manufacture and Standards
Multiple sizes are widely available in the industry and made by many manufacturers
Limited manufacturers and not standardized among manufacturers
Industry standard
Need careful study and selection to choose the right hubs and clamp for its intended purpose