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Chemical cleaning of Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel piping

This article discusses procedures for chemical cleaning of Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel piping. Read more

Air cooled heat exchangers design good practices

Air cooled heat exchangers design good practices for temperature selection, Air re-circulation, Leaks, Approach temperature, Mean-temperature-difference (MTD) correction factor, Maintenance Cost, and Operating Costs. Read more

Subsea Pipeline/Flowline Electric Trace Heating System

The Electric Trace Heating System uses an array of insulated electric heating elements in thermal contact with the pipeline or flowline being heated. The applied electrical power is dissipated as heat by Joule effect resistive heating. The system can be … Read more

Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger service experience

Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers (PCHE) are diffusion-bonded type heat exchangers. These are highly compact, highly robust exchangers compare to the other popular heat exchangers such as shell and tube. They are now well established in the upstream, high pressure hydrocarbon … Read more

Gas Turbine deterioration caused by fuel gas

Gas Turbine deterioration in the presence of hydrocarbon liquid in the fuel gas. Read more

Inherent Hazards Definition

Discussion of ​inherent hazards definition and types of hazards. Read more

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Featured Articles

Manufacturing of induction pipe bending

Requirements for manufacturing of induction pipe bending according to ASME B31.8, ASME 16.49 and ISO 15590-1. Read more

Drilling Riser Tensioner allowable wellhead offset positions of the platform

The Drilling Riser Tensioner (DRT) is an active hydro-pneumatic type tensioner system that allows relative movement between the drilling riser and the Dry Tree Unit and maintaining adequate tension at the top of the riser for the applicable riser system … Read more

Procedures for Back Loading, Transportation and Disposal of the Offshore Structure

Procedures for Back Loading, Transportation and Disposal of the Offshore Structure Read more

Working on Joints and Seals While Equipment is Energized

This document provides guidance on the minimum necessary for working on joints, seals, etc. while the equipment is under pressure. Read more

Isolation, Removal, Abandoned In Place Process Equipment

Safety considerations and requirements for equipment retired from service but not removed and left abandoned in place. Read more

Equipment and Guidelines Used for the Detection of Leaks

This article describes the equipment and guidelines used for the detection of leaks. Piping and equipment (new or in-service) should be checked for leaks before putting back into service. Read more