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The need for ground leakage equipment protection and the need to have the controller switch

The lesson learned reveals that the arcing between the bus and the metallic braid across the Fluoropolymer jacket was sustained for some period of time. The fault current was sufficient to generate temperatures well above the temperature limit of the … Read more

Why a Work Permit is needed for Hazardous Work to ensure safety for all involved

The Work Permit is designed to ensure full communication takes place between the area(s) involved, the owner of the affected equipment, and individual(s) performing the work so that hazardous work, and non hazardous work, is performed safely and efficiently. Read more

Cold weather design of instrumentation and the need to perform regular preventive maintenance to prevent plant shutdown

Lessons learned of an industry loss study that determined that instruments in critical service should require routine maintenance and be provided with regular monitoring. Read more

Working on or near exposed energized electrical equipment

The purpose of this document is to protect personnel when working on or near exposed energized electrical circuits and equipment. First and foremost, working on unguarded energized equipment is not permissible. However, situations may arise that require energized work Read more

Siting or relocating temporary structures for use during construction or facility turnarounds

This bulletin is to include roles and steps to conduct the siting analysis, anticipated use and estimated occupancy levels, management review and approval, and retention of associated documentation. The document should address long-term installation of trailers during normal operations and … Read more

Overheating of pre-insulated instrument tubing and freeze protection lesson learned in supporting the use of ground-fault equipment protection

Overheating of pre-insulated instrument tubing exceeded the service temperature of the tracer materials (Polyolefin) which set up conditions for an arcing ground fault as the energized bus contacted the instrument tubing. Read more

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Reflux and Intermediate Feed Inlets for Tray Columns

This document examines common practices of introducing reflux and intermediate feed into tray columns, outlines the preferred practices, highlights the consequences of poor practices, and supplies guidelines for troubleshooting and for reviewing designs of reflux and intermediate feed inlets as … Read more

Vented Pipe Seal Plugs Installation and Recommended Hazard Checklist

This document recommends specific suggestions to be followed when using a vented pipe seal plug. This includes plug vendors, steps for installation of the plugs, and a suggested checklist to be followed prior to authorizing work behind a vented pipe … Read more

Engineering Tensile Stress-Strain Diagrams

The engineering tensile stress-strain curve is obtained by static loading of a standard specimen, that is, by applying the load slowly enough that all parts of the specimen are in equilibrium at any instant. The curve is usually obtained by … Read more

Common causes of distillation column malfunctions

This article reviews the common causes of column malfunctions. It then looks at the basic troubleshooting tools: the systematic strategy for troubleshooting distillation problems and the dos and don'ts for formulating and testing theories. Read more

Gas Compression, Dehydration, Injection Flowline De-Watering and Sweetening Systems

General summary of Gas Compression, Dehydration, Injection Flowline De-Watering and Sweetening Systems typically found on Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO). Read more

Common requirements for gas lift and injection systems on FPSO and TLWP

This will provide a quick understanding of general requirements typically found on Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) and Tension Leg Wellhead Platform (TLWP) concerning gas lift and injection systems. Read more